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Friday Fill-in #20 and MI-5: Make Believe Jobs edition

Posted by Amy in General

First the friday Fill-in:

1. It’s nearly the weekend! Woohoo!
2. Only 13 more days til PotC!.
3. It was Thursday yesterday! [ed. note: that was for Monique!]
4. I love my Nintendo DS.
5. Wealth is something that doesn’t matter, unless you are a banker or a snob.
6. Mothers: Love.
7. I’d like to do some more crocheting and watch The Dodge Avenger 500 at Darlington  this weekend (hmmm maybe I will do both at the same time).

**NOW THE MI-5**

1) You have to preach a sermon this Sunday. What is your subject? Why?

I dunno…probably forgiveness and why it is important.

2) You’re a lawyer. You somehow find out a client you represent really is guilty. Do you continue to defend him/her, or find a way to bail? Explain.

It would probably depend on what my client did. If it was something horrid like rape or murder I would decline to represent my client. I just couldn’t in my mind defend someone who has seriously injured somebody. If it was something less serious like drunk driving or narcotics infractions I might take the case and try to get them help…by convincing them they needed rehab or whatever.

3) You’re a car salesperson. Someone comes in and wants “the coolest thing on the lot.” What do you show them?

Well I guess that would depend on the person, their finances and what kind of lot I am working on. I definitely wouldn’t push them into something beyond their means.

4) You’re a doctor. One of your patients has a terminal illness. Do you tell them the truth, or lie to them thinking some positive energy on their part might prolong their life?

I would tell then the truth- definitely.

5) You’re a chef. The president of Yukoclakia is coming for dinner. What do you serve?

Well it would depend on what kind of food Yukoclakia eats culturally. I wouldn’t serve them beef or pork if they don’t eat it in the home country. I might try to look for some native recipes…and cook one or two of those as well as some good old american food…who doesn’t love a barbeque?

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