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Bullets bullets everywhere and…yeah just a bulleted list.

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Just some notes that may or may not be of interest:

  • I redid my amazon wishlists.  I know it was kind of unwieldy being nearly 12 pages long and stuff. The link here takes you to my book wishlist. On the left side you should see a navigation box that lets you switch to the other lists (dvds, music, miscellaneious, crafty stuff).
  • I haven’t been posting (obviously). It has been crazy busy right now but I will make more time…I promise.
  • Am always a little suspicious when my dad calls and says “Do you have plans on [insert day of week here]“.  Must learn not to be so suspicious, as this time he was calling to tell me he got tickets and paddock passes to The US Sports Car Invitational.  It isn’t Nascar…but it’ll do me. I am excited by the paddock pass and you can bet your buttocks I am taking my camera.
  • Speaking of races and Nascar…I don’t speak about it much but I LOVE motorsports…specifically Nascar. And you will probably begin hearing more about this.
  • BADGROOVE is going to be going through a little redesign in about a month to 6 weeks as I have commissioned myself some new skins made specifically for me. If you have some navigation suggestions or any suggestions really just let me know via email or comment.

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