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MI-5: Bill’s Drums and Fire Engines edition

Posted by Amy in General

1) Brake DRUMS wear out on your car. How often do you take your car in for maintenance? Are you fastidious about it, or do you let stuff go?

Well I am firm believer in the 3000 mile oil change rule. I don’t take it in though, my dad currently does it for me. I have my dad do my brakes when it is time too.

2) A neighbor’s house burns down in a FIRE. You have a hunch, but no proof, that the neighbor did it for the insurance. Do you alert the authorities?

I would not alert the authorities because I have no proof. However if the authorities came to me and asked me I would let them know that I had a hunch but no proof.

3) Your ear DRUM is hurting like crazy. Do you bother to go to the doctors?

It depends on how bad it hurts and if I have other symptoms. If It is just an earache I will wait a couple days to see if it gets better before rushing off to see the doctor.
4) Think of song or movie with “FIRE” in the title. What is it? Why did it pop into your mind?

Well the first song I can think of is the song Fire Woman by The Cult. I have always enjoyed this song…specifically these lyrics:

You shake it up, you’re to blame, got me swayin’ little honey.

My heart’s a ball of burnin’ flame.

Now the first movie that pops into my mind doesn’t have the word FIRE in the title but is about firefighters and that is Backdraft. I really like that movie. But I didn’t like the Backdraft attraction at Universal Studios because being that close to the fire scared the living daylights out of me.

5) Remember Stephen King’s “The Shining,” and the whole reDRUM thing? Have you read much King? Seen his movies? Been by his house? Anything related to him at all?

I have read most of his books…with the exception of the Dark Tower series which are too sci-fi for me. I love the books he has written under the pen name Richard Bachman with Thinner being my absolute favorite. Did you know that Richard Bachman has a new book coming out? He does…it is called Blaze. I am looking forward to it. His newer book The Cell is in my large TO READ pile and I haven’t gotten his Lisely’s Story yet…but I really want it. Stephen King is also the author of one of the best writing books I have ever read, called On Writing.
I have not been by his house because he lives in Maine…and that is a bit far for me for a Sunday drive.

I have also read a book by his son who writes under the name Joe Hill. He has writen a book called Heart-Shaped Box that was a good book. On my wishlist is his first book 20th Century Ghosts…a book of short stories. I have also have just purchased Owen King’s book, who is also Stephen King’s son.
Bonus: What color FIRE ENGINE do you prefer: Red, White, or Yellow/Green? Why?

This is a great question…to which the quick answer is Orange (I have seen them so they do exist). I have an interesting long answer though.

When I was young I would get up early when my dad got up to go to work. Then after he left I would crawl into bed with my mom before officially beginning my day. My mom…of course would be trying to sleep but I was rested and wanted to talk and invariably the conversation would go like this:

Me: Let’s Talk

Mom: What do you want to talk about Amy?

Me: (after thinking for a minute) Fire Engines!

Mom: What about fire engines?

Me: Well..mostly they are red…but sometimes they are yellow like the one’s by Sweetie Pie’s house…

(sweetie pie was my nickname for my paternal grandfather…no one knows where I got it but it is just what I called him).

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