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Quench my thirst with gasoline…

Posted by Amy in General

As I mentioned I got to go to the U.S. Sports Car Invitational at Mazda Raceway (which will always be Laguna Seca Raceway to me but that is a different story).  My dad called me on Friday and said not to make plans for Sunday because he got free tickets to the races.  Now I have alluded to it here before…I am a huge Nascar fan…and while this wasn’t Nascar…it was a race…and it was something to do…so heck yeah I was going.

It was a beautiful day for the races- it was sunny…slightly breezy. My favorite part is always walking around the paddock area…where the teams set up their haulers in rows…

That is where I took the bulk of my pictures…I just find the paddock to be very interesting…full of sights and sounds…and smells (my mom had never been to a race before and looked at me as we were wandering through the paddock close to the back side of the pits and said…”Urg…what is THAT smell?” and I told her:”That is the smell of…racing!”. Then we happened to find the autograph session…where I got to get Scott Pruett’s autograph…I actually had met him once before when he was racing CART (indy) (now called Champ?) at Laguna Seca in like 89 or so. Here is a picture of him my mom took with my camera…because I was busy playing fan girl:

And here are the cars rolling out from the garage into the pits to line up:

Anyway…I had a great time at the races on Sunday…I enjoyed the invocation and the national anthem…I didn’t enjoy the two fighter jets screaming over the grandstands…they didn’t tell us they were coming so I glance over my right shoulder in time to see these two jets flying low and fast right towards us (since we were sitting across from the pits as close to turn 11 as you can get on the very top row)…I had a split second to stick my fingers in my ears and squat (because I was still standing from the invocation and the national anthem)…and let out a little yelp…the were really low…and loud…and unexpected. The announcer should have mentioned the fly over.  This cracked my mother up and she laughed through the rest of the pre-race stuff. It was fun…and as a sidenote: Scott Pruett ended up coming in second (I was rooting for him) and I guess because of the second place finish ended first in points in that series. Anyway…you can see the the whole flickr set here.

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