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Gearing up for a fight…

Posted by Amy in General

So…last year- not long after my yearly eye exam my beloved eye doctor suddenly up and retired on me. This is the same eye doctor I have been seeing every year (some times twice a year- when I was younger) since third grade (since I was 9 years old people!). My file? It was fat with notes.  I loved him and more importantly I loved his staff.

Well the inevitable happened. I ran out of contacts. Well not really but I am very low on contacts and I need new ones.

My mom suggested an eye doctor…so I made an appointment. I had the usual eye tests.  Then the doctor told me I have a significant prescription (thank you doctor I already know that). And then told me that they don’t make contacts in my prescription…and retested me then told me I am right on the edge of my prescription. I said I wear 8.5′s in each eye…with one eye being slightly over corrected right? And he LAUGHED AT ME and said “Um I don’t think so…” and proceeded to show me what an 8.5 lens looked like with that little machine you look through…and I could see WAY better than that. So I thought hmm….odd. I went home and looked at my box of contacts and indeed the ARE 8.5s.  And I assure you all that I can see just fine.

I am going to give him one more chance. I go in Friday for my lens fitting. I am taking my old contacts with me to prove my point. Because I see fine with these lenses…really I do. I don’t want to be over corrected in both eyes!

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