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Friday Fill-in and Mi-5: the YOU ARE edition

Posted by Amy in General

First The Friday Fill-in

1. 10 years at sea; one more won’t hurt!
2. Why is the rum gone?
3. Here there be PIRATES.
4. Ah…the boy does not know his rump from his elbow.
5. The pirate from the movie theater must get out of the way of my rav.
6. Of course it makes you want rum.
7. This weekend, I will sleep in, enjoy some racing and maybe even bake a cake! Happy Memorial Day!

The YOU ARE Mi-5 edition:

1. You are attending a professional sporting event. What sport? Do you go to a specific venue? Who do you root for?

I would like to attend a nascar race at Bristol. I would root for Tony Stewart of course.

2. You are quitting your job because your dream job just knocked on your door and fell into your lap. How long of notice do you give? What do you say to your current employer?

I would give at least 2 or 3 weeks. I would probably just say that I had to resign because the opportunity of a lifetime crossed my path.

3. You are attending a costume party. What do you go as? Will people recognize you (assuming there are people there that you know of course)?

I LOVE to dress up in costumes. I really do. Some of my best costumes where ones I just kind of made up myself. Once I was even a dead roadie. That was the best costume ever. This time I would like to dress up as a maiden (as in RenFaire garb).

4. You are going on a road trip. How long do you go? Where do you go?

Well I have always wanted to rent an RV and take 4 or 5 weeks and just drive all over the United States and explore things. I wouldn’t need a map…because I would just drive. Biggest Ball of Yarn? I am there!

5. You are the winner of $15,000. Not enough to quit your job or move to Hawaii or anything crazy. What do you do with it? Are you sensible and invest it? Do you buy something you need? Do you buy something you want but don’t need?

I would use it to buy a nice new car. Doris the Rav is getting kind of old…I am ready for something new. I would probably end up with a new rav…but I would test some other vehicles too. Maybe I would even upgrade to a Toyota Highlander or something.

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