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Roxy’s Routine

Posted by Amy in General

Roxy and I are a lot a like I realized today. We both like routines. She is a task master when it comes to routines. And she is just a beagle. At 5:00 she wants up and out. At breakfast time she sits by the door and waits for her “cookie”. She goes outside for the bulk of the day and plays (read tries to dig to china) and sleeps and chases birds. At 3:15ish she comes back in when my mom lets her in the house. She patrols the house…checks out the garbages for treasures (even though she never finds any) and settles in for a nap. At 5:15ish she is ready for me to come home. She fusses over me for  a minute and does her patented happy dance…and sits by the fridge and stares at me…waiting for me to take her out for the walk (she stands by the fridge because the basket with her leash and baggies resides up there).  Then we go for our walk. She comes home and starts loving on whoever is free….but there is a motive…she really wants her dinner.  Then she is her own little beagle for awhile and then when she is ready for bed she comes and lays on my feet or near me…to let me know she is ready and is not pleased that I am not ready. Then she goes out for “peepee time” and into bed she goes (but not before a bedtime liversnap or something).

This is her routine and she demands we stick to it!!!

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2 Responses

  • Janet says:

    That is one lucky dog!!!

  • Marsha says:

    My dog Baxter (118 lb. Yellow Lab) is also on a routine. He wakes me up same time every day, knows when he is supposed to get a treat (after retreiving the morning paper, when I come home from work, when hubby leaves for work in the mornings, etc.) I swear the dog has a watch stashed somewhere in the house so he can tell time! He knows when it’s 9:00 pm every night because it’s his time to go out before bed time! We can be watching TV and he’ll come sit in front of us straight up 9:00. It’s so weird! Dogs are sooooooo smart!

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