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Freaking Out Big Time

Posted by Amy in General

You may or may not know…On June 9th Keith Urban (referred to from here on out as KU)  is playing at the Mandalay in Vegas. I have had tickets (and pretty damn good ones I might add) to this show…for months and months as they were purchased on presale. BFM lives in Vegas…and LOVES her some KU so we are going to this concert.

Initial plan was for me to drive down on Thursday June 7th. No biggie right? I do it all the time…500 miles one way alone…I know the route like the back of my hand. Well…all this was thwarted when Doris the Rav decided to display her intermittent starting problem.  So I didn’t really want to drive a car with a possible problem through the desert alone during the heat of summer because I had visions of me walking down a lonely highway towards a call box…while buzzards circled overhead just waiting to pick out my eyeballs. That freaked me out a little.

So then I decided I would rent a car. Until I found that most places will not rent to you for the advertised price if you are driving out of state…not to mention the fact that I wanted a biggish car not a Kia Rio type car…and by the time I rented the car then paid for gas for the trip I would be spending a hell of a lot of money to get to Vegas.

I can’t drive my mom’s xterra because…well I find driving her car uncomfortable for 10 miles…I can’t imagine trying to drive it for 500. I just don’t fit well in the seats…and I refuse to drive my dad’s silverado anywhere…even though I love it to death. The last time I borrowed his truck the advertisement on the side of a transit bus flew off and hit the front grill causing $1600 worth of damage and that wasn’t even my fault!!! So …

I ended up with a ticket to Vegas on Southwest Airlines…which ended up being just slightly cheaper than renting the car…plus I don’t have to pay for gas with the plane. Anyway…I don’t know if I mentioned it here or not…but I am PETRIFIED of flying. PETRIFIED. The last time I flew alone I decided to upgrade to firstclass…mostly for the free booze. Of course this didn’t work out so well because I had just a tad too much of the margarita and ended up scared to death that the plane was crashing because I bent over to get something out from under my seat and the whole damn plane felt like it was coming with me.  Luckily I didn’t go with my first instinct when I thought the plane was crashing which was to scream something to the effect of “DEAR GOD WE ARE GOING DOWN” because I am sure that would have gone over well.

So I have been ignoring the fact that I have to fly but today…is the 1 week mark…as I leave Wednesday evening from San Jose International…(now called Mineta or something like that)….and I am totally freaking out. I hate flying. I hate heights. A little part of me wants to call off the whole damn thing and email BFM the tickets and say here you go..have a blast.  I mean I won’t because I already paid for my flight…but …ACK! And I mean ACK!!! I am freaked out.

(yes I even checked busses and trains…busses take 18 hours to make it- which is about 10 longer than it takes me and trains? Forget about trains because out here passenger train service sucks big time).

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  • terminalfrost says:

    I refused to fly after a flight from hell, returning from Vegas, so I know how you feel. But, seeing Keith, up close, or at a distance for that matter, will surly be worth your fear. I hope you get a smooth flight and have a great time. Good luck!

  • Shannon says:

    Hey……….it’s KU! You can suffer through the flight for him! How long is the flight? Listen to Keith the whole time and your reward will be……….hearing him LIVE when you get to Vegas.

    I understand your feelings completely. I hate to fly. And honestly, I don’t even know if I would do it for KU! No matter how you get there, enjoy your show. My turn is coming up on June 30th in Atlanta. It’ll be my 8th Keith concert and they only get better. I can’t wait!

    Have fun………….

  • Marsha says:

    OMG, you will be flying to see KU!!!!!!! Just look at it that way! Put your headphones on, listen to KU all the way! You will be fine! I’ve got 4 KU shows this summer, the first being June 29. Two of these shows I’ll be flying to Oklahoma City and Philadelphia, two I’ll be driving to Memphis & Dallas! I’m more nervous about driving to and in Dallas than I am flying anywhere! I’ve got three very good friends flying to Vegas to see KU also!
    You are going to have the time of your life!

  • Chrissy says:


    Just remember I fly in bumps and dips all the times out here in rural Alaska and truth be told, I’m always scared. The one thing I take with me is my iPod. It works better than anything else for getting me over the jitters. Just remember that thousands of people fly everyday. That seems to keep me calm too. You’re just another one of those thousands of people. You are going to have fun at that Keith Urban concert and just think a 500 mile flight? You’ll be on the ground in no time! My flight from Washington DC to Buenos Aires took nearly 11 hours!
    Seriously though, the iPod will make the time go by fast. Just keep yourself distracted. It also helps me to watch the flight attendants. If they’re not even flinching when you hit rough air, you’re all good to go. Sometimes their calm demeanor rubs off.

    Again, you are going to have a blast at the KU concert and will be so glad you didn’t cancel!

    Incidently, can you like see if Keith Urban will make out with you so I can live vicariously?

    Just kidding.

    Well, maybe not.

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