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Friday Fill-in #23

Posted by Amy in General

It’s Friday Fill-in time people…

Janet says: This week, we’re going to have a theme–fictional characters :-) So fill in the blanks with them; please do refrain from using your husband/ wife/other non-fictional character!

1. I wouldn’t toss McDreamy out of bed!
2. McSteamy has no appeal for me whatsoever.
3. A good dream would involve me and Captain Jack Sparrow; we would sail away together into the sunset.
4. The sexiest man or woman in the movies is Captain Jack Sparrow; the sexiest man or woman on tv is McDreamy.
5. Alan Rickman portrays a wicked villian.
6. Jack and Janet would make a great couple.
7. TGIF! Tonight I’m cleaning, tomorrow my plans include shopping and Sunday, I’ll start packing!

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