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Susan’s “Slice of Life” MI-5

Posted by Amy in General

Today was Susan’s turn at the MI-5:

1.What was the last book you read & what are you reading currently? The last book I read was Shelf Life a collection of short stories for young adults edited by Gary Paulson. I read it to see if it was grammar school library appropriate. Currently I am reading Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult.

2.What are you wearing right now? Turquoise ribbed v-neck tshirt with three quarter sleeves…jeans and a pair of sketchers.

3.What was the last phone call you made? To a customer at work.

4.To whom did you last send a letter or card (snail mail & email)?
Snail mail? I sent a letter to BFM earlier this week. Email…probably ETS.

5.What was the last restaurant you ate at (can be eat in or take out)? Take out would be Taco Bell…sit down restaurant would be Monterey Coast Brewing Company with my mom…did I have a beer? Of course…I had a Hefe Weissen. Too much of a beer for me…strong…much like those English Ales. Of course, then again you are getting this from a person who rarely drinks beer…so…Anyway…the food was good…but a tad expensive…and I had to battle pirates to get to my car. Seriously. It is right next to a movie theater and there were pirates around my car…which I, not thinking, had parked RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE THEATER on thursday night and the Pirates were all lined up…and I was trying to pull out. I had to bite my tongue not to say something like “Avaste ye…get thee outta my way before ye find thee asses flattened” but I didn’t. They eventually got out of my way.

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