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There are things you’ll never live down…

Posted by Amy in General

A little over three years ago, BFM, myself, my brother and my sister-in-law crammed into my Rav4 (and I mean crammed) and drove down to Disneyland for a President’s Day weekend escape.  We had a great time…and then all crammed back into my Rav4…this time with tons of souveniors so it was even more crowded…and left the parking lot of Disneyland after an early morning of last minute rides and shopping to make sure the vacation was complete.

Our light had turned green and I proceeding into the intersection behind the car in front of me when someone who was more interested in Disneyland than in stoplights…ran a red light and hit us. We were actually quite fortunate because it was at fairly slow speeds and they happened to hit us solidly in the rear left side tire.

To say that I was upset was a mild statement. I was not pleased. I had a car full of people who had to be home the next day for work. I myself had to work. We were 300 miles from home and was worried we were damaged too much to drive. When we jumped out to survey the damage to the car…I noticed a license plate laying there obviously torn off in the accident and for some reason I thought it was mine and I picked it up and blurted out to my brother and whoever else would listen “OH GREAT! WE’VE GOT PARTS!”  Now it turns out that the Rav4 was inspected and while damaged it was safe enough to drive home and we got home…a little later than we had expected but still got home that evening. The red-light runners copped that it was there fault right there at the scene…and the insurance pretty much handled it.

However…I would not have thought that in the relaying of the story…(oh and how my brother loves to tell a story…and when he is in the mood he can tell some stories let me tell you).  The “Oh great…we’ve got parts…” has become…something I will never live down. At first I was mortified because it gets brought up occasionally.  But I just learned to roll with it…I mean…when we went to the sports car races the other day…we walked over the footbridge that runs over the track and stopped on our way to the paddock to watch some of the porsches race by…and something flew off  of one and landed on the side of the track and my dad grabbed me to get my attention and said…excitedly…”Look Amy…We’ve Got Parts!!!!”

This is something I will not live down. I am sure my grandchildren will hear about it…and they will too bring it up at that time in your life just when you thought everyone had forgotten about it….

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