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I am leaving tomorrow for vegas…on that jet plane I told you I was scared of…but don’t worry this probably won’t be my last post before I leave…I am actually working most of the day tomorrow. Anyway…here is my checklist:


Enough clothes for five days? Check. (By the way…enough clothes for five days in my new suitcase? Weighs 26 lbs)
Tolietries? Check. (add toiletries…it is now 27.2 lbs)

Gift for BFM? Check

Gift for BFM’s brother’s middle school graduation? Check

Keith Urban Tickets? Check…those puppies are in the carryon!

Camera? battery is charging for shoving into carryon- so Checkish

Cell Phone? Charging for last minute shoving into carryon- so Checkish

Boarding Pass printed? Check

Spare set of clothes for carryon? Check

Order Prelude To The Dream on PPV and dvr it. Check…I think I did that right.

Make sure my shows are dvr- specifically the race at Pocono since nascar has now moved to TNT instead of Fox. Check


To do tomorrow:

Remember to shove glasses, sunglasses and extra set of contacts into carryon.

Remember to print documents for BFM to shove into carryon.

Remember book for hours spent at airport…

Go to bank to get fundage.

Get Gas.

Drive to Airport.

Remember to breathe…its only 1 and 1/2 hours in that plane…you can do it! really…you can.

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