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Thoughts on the Stewart/Busch Incident(s) at Dover

Posted by Amy in General

There are nascar fans that do not like Tony Stewart. I have read everything from he’s a whiner to a poor sport to a hot head. I obviously don’t feel that way…and I will talk about why I am a Tony Stewart fan in another post (probably not until I come back from vacation). But I do want to put my thoughts out there on the incidents at Dover yesterday.

As I mentioned in yesterday morning’s post I was sitting at work and unable to actually watch the race real-time (but I did keep track as to what was going on real-time). However thanks to my DVR I had the race waiting for me when I got home…so I watched it. And I rewatched the wreck a couple times…used the slow motion and all that. Kurt Busch is quoted as saying that Tony Stewart “wrecked him flat out.” (See nascar.com article “Stewart’s crew smoking after pit hazard with Busch” by Dave Rodman). After watching the video several times…I don’t think Tony wrecked him on purpose. From what the announcers were saying this little group (including Stewart and Busch) had been racing each other hard…and according to what I was seeing at work using the real-time leaderboard I could see they were swapping positions back and forth pretty regularly). After watching the video- it looks to me that Busch thought he was clear of Tony and drifted up towards Tony (and the wall) thus clipping Tony which sent Tony smack into the way and when Tony’s car bounced off the wall he hit Busch which spun the number 2 car off the nose of Tony’s car. That is what I saw according to the televised broadcast.

Also, it would not make sense (at least not to me…but what do I know) that Tony Stewart…who had been running in the top 10 most of the race (after starting in 30th position) would risk wrecking his car which obviously had been preforming pretty well, to purposely take out Kurt Busch.

So that is my piece on what happen on the track. Here is my piece on what happened on pit road. For those who haven’t seen it:

(photo credit Chris McGrath/Getty Images…taken from SpeedTV.com…I cropped it slightly so you could see better…the original is here).

Basically the person you see on the hood of Tony Stewart’s orange car is his jackman Jason Lee. Who seconds before this picture was taken, was standing in the vicinity of the right front tire surveying right side damage from the on track incident. Kurt Busch, who insisted Tony Stewart wrecked him on purpose, was angry and pulled up into Tony’s car (I assume to have words and/or gestures) and nosed into his car ever so slightly…however…I don’t know if Kurt just didn’t see the jackman or didn’t care…either way…it was NOT a very bright thing to do. He could have seriously injured the jackman…or someone else. Luckily, he did it in front of several Nascar officials (click on the original picture and you will see them standing against the pitwall – they are the ones in white). Nascar ended up parking Busch for the remainder of the race for “aggressive driving” (that term kinda humored me…I admit…it is a race…shouldn’t you drive aggressively? I think it should have been more like “unsportsman-like conduct” or “endangering pit crews” or something of that nature). As Jason Lee said in the article on nascar.com “If he’s got a problem with Tony he needs to take it up with Tony in the motorhome lot after the race, and not jeopardize these crew guys out there.” (See nascar.com article “Stewart’s crew smoking after pit hazard with Busch” by Dave Rodman). I admit that I am looking forward to hearing what further actions nascar will take with Kurt Busch because what he did in the pits…that was dangerous and just not right.

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