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Be Good Little Monkeys….and possible HOMEWORK! (yes for you!!)

Posted by Amy in General

Ok…well I am going to stop posting now. I will be going home soon to get some last minute stuff together…and then I am off to the airport (which is over an hour away). So be good little monkeys (I call Roxy Monkey…did you know that?).

If you are lucky Chrissy and/or Tess will guest post…but I didn’t really ask them…they should know they are always welcome to post when I am gone but I can’t promise anything because they are both busy ladies…

Your homework whilst I am gone (pick one…or none…or more than one):

1. Watch a race…doesn’t have to be nascar…but a race all the same…tell me about it (in the comments or you can email me…).

2.  Tell me about a blog I may not be reading that you think I really SHOULD read. Who do I already read? (see the navigation)

3. Tell a joke…amuse me and your fellow readers in the comments.

Ok peeps I am outtie.

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