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Control Freak (on a Leash)

Posted by Amy in General

I know you are probably sick of hearing about me and how I am petrified of flying…but this is my blog…and I work things out best by obsessing. Seriously…I work things out best by obsessing either verbally or written…or just obsessing in my head.

So you know…basically I have been a walking talking obsessing machine…about having to fly. And during my obsessing…I came to a realization…(see good things happen when I obsess).

My plane “freak out”…is one part “heights” and two parts “control issue” I think. I am a control freak. I like to be the one to drive because I am in control of the car. I don’t know anything about flying so I am not in control of the plane. I rarely fly (maybe three or four times in my entire life) so there is just this overwhelming feeling of NOT being in control of what happens. I really need to learn to let go.
Then there is the heights issue. I am so freaked out of heights. (Except I am ok at the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas which is weird…and taller than the eiffel tower in Las Vegas which had me so freaked out people on the elevator laughed at me).

So yeah…it is all about me giving up control…something I don’t like to do.

(And yes I know this had nothing to do with leashes…but I like the song Freak on A Leash… and it sounded funny.)

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