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Vegas Vacation…again.

Posted by Amy in General

So my flight to Vegas from San Jose was over an hour late…it seemed to me as I sat in the terminal in San Jose, that all Southwest flights were late…there were some people flying to Phoenix that seemed to be waiting forever.So finally I get to board my plane and I pick a nice window seat and stow my luggage in the overhead and the pilot tells us as we are about to take off that it will probably be a bit of a bumpy flight (OH GREAT- I think to myself)….but by the halfway point I have relaxed and thinking that it isn’t really that bumpy…I get my half a diet coke and baggie of peanuts….I read. I open the little window shade and look out into the blackness of the night. Then…I can see Vegas….(you can’t miss Vegas from the air…) which is gorgeous…and as soon as I can see it the plane feels like it drops ten feet.  Which of course causes me to gasp….(I really wanted to screech but I refrained!)

I had forgotten how big McCarran Airport is compared to San Jose and I get to the Baggage claim…and by the time I get there the luggage from my flight is being spit up from the underbelly of the airport onto the carousel. And I walk towards the middle of the baggage claim because BFM is on her way to come get me. Apparently we pass each other because she is walking down the middle of baggage claim and I decided to go with less foot traffic and walk to the outside. I was so glad to see a familiar face :) And she brought her little brother (8th grade) who insisted on taking my luggage so that was nice for me. Basically the rest of my night consisted of chatting with BFM and figuring out what I would do the next day since she had to work and I had no wheels.

The next day I got up nice and early because even though Vegas is in the same time zone as me…it is right on the cusp…and the lighting difference told me to get my butt up. So I got up and visited with Misty before work…then I read…and BFM’s dad dropped me off for lunch with her…and I spent the rest of the afternoon at the mall..
BFM took me to see Pirates of the Carribean on Friday afternoon which was good because I hadn’t seen it (she had…but wanted to see it again).  Then she took me to the Bass Pro Shop/ Outdoor World because Father’s Day was coming up AND my brother sent me with a list of stuff he wanted at that store too…so I shopped there.

On Saturday BFM took me to the Nascar Cafe in Vegas…which had the best Chicken Quesadilla ever to grace my lips. Then we spent time just hanging out at her house and I get ready to see Keith Urban at the Mandalay.  We got there way too early…but sometimes parking can be hard to find on the nights of big events so we went over to the Luxor (they are connected) and had something to drink.

At the Luxor I was horrified to find out that the McDonalds in the food court served PEPSI and not my beloved Diet Coke…I had one because I was thirsty…but I was sad.

The Wreckers opened for Keith and they were good. I liked them.
Keith Urban was great!!! Live, in my opinion, the show was right up there with Bon Jovi live…a great show (of course this is really only my second country concert ever). Our near-the-back, on-the-floor seats? They turned into nearly front row seats  as there was a walk way and a smaller stage set up just to the left of our seats…so when Keith was playing the little stage we all left our rows to be in the middle. So that was pretty awesome. The only thing that was a little weird about the smaller stage closer to us? Was that the KU band members all had their backs to the audience while playing on the small stage. I felt that was a little awkward….but it was still fun.  Towards the end of it Keith had us do a Cell-phone version of the wave…twice. Which cracked me up. It was hilarious.  Leaving the show was a nightmare so we walked back to the Luxor and went to the 24 hour cafe and had some food since we were both hungry (we hadn’t eaten anything since the Nascar Cafe…see how filling?).

Sunday was spent sleeping in…after being up all night…I wanted to sleep all day. I saw another movie….Knocked Up…which made me laugh so hard I nearly piddled….more than once.

On Monday we pretty much just chilled as I tried to to shove all my stuff in my suitcase and then I was home. My return flight? Was not only on time…but smooth as butter.

It did cost me $83.00 to get my poor Rav out of long term parking which I thought was OUT.RAGE.OUS! but what is a girl to do?

I didn’t do too much touristy stuff while in Vegas this time (except for the Nascar Cafe) so Janet…I will email you with some recommendations ok?

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