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Wrapping Up thoughts on Flying

Posted by Amy in General
  • Am very impressed with Southwest…yes my outgoing flight was over an hour late but they kept apologizing for it…and gave me two bags of peanuts with my half a diet coke.  Everyone I spoke with was outstandingly professional and one person at the gate actually checked to make sure I wasn’t on her Phoenix flight…which I thought rocked. My other experiences flying are once with American Airlines and twice with America West Airlines (and one one of the America West flights I upgraded to firstclass). I am still most impressed with Southwest.
  • Me thinks that part of my issue with flying….in addition to the heights thing and the control issue thing…is that there might even be some claustrophobia coming into play. Using the air vents help a little but I still felt like a freaking sardine squished in a can….
  • You should applaud me…I even left the window shade open the whole return flight home! (I usually shut them- especially during take off).
  • No one lost my luggage…and that is awesome…because once when I flew American- I went to San Jose CAL from LAX (Los Angeles) and my luggage…it flew to Portland. Nice.
  • The flight attendants on both flights? They rocked.
  • To the very pregnant lady on the flight to Vegas from San Jose, CA…I don’t know what the hell your problem with me was but suck it ok? That’s all I will say…
  • Paying $83 dollars to get my freaking car out of long term parking? Not cool…that was nearly a whole one way ticket right there. Bastards.
  • While waiting at the airport in Vegas I was watching the little private jets come zooming in. Has anyone ever ridden in one of those fancy schmancy private jets? I wonder what that is like?

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