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The Cell Phone Wave…explained.

Posted by Amy in General

Ok in my post about the Keith Urban concert- Bill asked what in the world the “Cell-Phone wave” is…so i am going to do my best to describe it:

You know “The wave” right? Usually done at large sporting events and graduations…the audience members stand up in succession starting at one end of the arena then sit back down…thus creating a “wave” effect in the audience…ok….so imagine that…only ixnay ALL the lights in the stadium and have everyone hold their cell phone up.  It was actually kinda cool…

Kinda related: The Cell Phone ballad wave:

When I was in Phoenix seeing Slaughter at the Ft. McDowell casino, they did their big ballad “Fly to the Angels” during which Mark Slaughter said to the audience that “I know not many people have lighters any more but I know you all have cell phones…so whip them out”

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