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UPDATED!! Bill’s Classsic and Cheesy MI-5 And Friday Fill-in…the Bloggers edition.

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It was my week to do the MI-5- but Bill sent in questions last week as a “just-in-case” and I loved them so I will take next week.


1. What “classic” song are you SO sick of, you wish you’d never hear it again? White Rabbit.

2. What “classic” song could you listen to over and over? Well when I hear “classic” I think of classic ROCK…so Heart, Black Sabbath, LedZep, and AC/DC all come to mind. If I am listening to the radio (a rare occurance) it is usually a classic rock station….but that might be because we lost our rock station and our country station changed frequencies and now it is all fuzzy.

UPDATE: Bill is making me pick ONE song…which is hard…but I am gonna go with Back in Black by AC/DC (close choice Bill….but Back in Black is just a little better beat wise) although Sabbath’s War Pigs is a close close second.

3. What song would most consider “cheesy,” but it’s one you really love? Mmmmbop. That song is the crack of music.

4. Of the “cheesy” songs, what one do you really, really hate?
Anything by Sonny and Cher…

5. What’re your thoughts on cheese, the foodstuff?
What’s your favorite? Yum. I am a big fan o’ cheese…my favorite being provolone. I will not do Bleu or any of those really smelly ones though.


Friday Fill-in

Janet says: This week, I have a theme…bloggers!

1. She loves Snape, the darker the better!
2. He loves all types of firetrucks.
3. This blogger misses Florida. (and can’t wait to go back)
4. Unfortunately, she’s missing in action lately!
5. Posting regularly is not herhis strong suit; in fact I do believe he hasn’t posted in nine days, ho hum.
6. Her blog entries about life in the “bush of alaska” fascinate me; I love that I can almost experience the smells (and tastes) of what she’s talking about! (not to mention she is funny as heck!)
7. What are you doing this weekend? Tonight I’m looking forward to leaving work and taking Roxy for a Walk, tomorrow my plans include a possible trip to home depot and Sunday, I want to relax and watch a race with NO RAIN DELAYS for a change!

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