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Another thing to add to the list of stupid things I have done…

Posted by Amy in General

Burned my mouth to a freaking crisp.

How? Went out to breakfast with my parents at my dad’s insistance…I normally order a diet coke as my beverage because I am not a juice drinker and unless my coffee is so sweet it isn’t even considered coffee anymore I don’t drink coffee…so on a whim I order hot chocolate because it was freezing cold this morning…and it just sounded good.  It comes with a nice foamy layer of whipped cream on top…and I secretly sip off the whipped cream first because…YUMMY! Then I decided it is time to take a nice big gulp of hot chocolate.

Well it was more like a nice big gulp of molten lava and for a brief second I couldn’t decide what to do…a HUGE part of me wanted to spit it up all over the freaking table because HELLO! MOLTEN HOT FIRE IN THE MOUTH!! What do I do? Instead I decide to bear the pain and SWALLOW said MOLTEN LAVA disguised as hot chocolate. I could feel it burning ALL THE WAY DOWN. There is nothing COLD to drink on the table as my parents are both drinking coffee…the waitress comes a few minutes later to take our order and I ask for a glass of water…but she takes her time…and I sit there stewing and feeling like the whole top layer of my tongue and part of the top of my mouth is burned.  I actually stuck my tongue out at my mother and asked her if it was blistering apart.

Worst part? I was making a new shrimp recipe for dinner and was sure I wouldn’t be able to taste it myself…because of the burning mouth…but luckily while it still hurts a bit doesn’t seem to be THAT bad considering the PAIN from this morning. STUPID GIRL!

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