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My Rav4 is still having intermittent starting issues. She starts FINE when she is cold. She tends to not want to start when she is warm and has been run for a bit then turned off for about 20 minutes. It is frustrating- because I have poured about $600.00 into her at the dealership trying to get those “Toyota Certified” mechanics to figure out what is wrong with her…and they can’t find anything wrong with her. Some vacuum value dohickey needed replacing and my drive belt needed tightening (and not she doesn’t squeak when I turn) but it is still a craps shoot on if she will start if I have been out running errands.

I have found a work around…for now. If she doesn’t start…when I go to start her the second time I mash down on the gas as I start her and she will rev and then start.

In my infinite wisdom I think it might be a problem with the fuel filter or fuel pump…any mechanically inclined people wanna make a guess?  You can’t do any worse then the mechanics at the dealership.  Seriously…I wish I were a mechanic sometimes or at least understood more about how a car works so I didn’t feel like such a dork when trying to convey to a mechanic what my car is or isn’t doing.

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