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Country Time (and I am not talking Lemonade)

Posted by Amy in General

It started right before I left for the airport on my Vegas Vacation. I needed to hear some Diamond Rio. NEEDED. I called my mom and asked her if I could borrow their Diamond Rio cd for the trip to the airport. She had a surprised sound to her voice when she told me if I could find it I could borrow it. Well I found it…but it wasn’t the one I wanted. So I grabbed the first country CD of hers that I found…which ended up being UNLEASHED by Toby Keith…and then I grabbed my Garth Brooks Double Live…and headed out to the airport (which is about an hour away).

Every summer- usually in July- country invades my little rock n roll soul. I need to hear it…I think it has to do with the fact that the Rodeo is in town that month…and for about a week in July EVERYTHING is about the Rodeo. But this year…I have been howling along in my car “It’s bulls and blood, it’s dust and mud, It’s the roar of a sunday crowd, It’s the white in his knuckles It’s the gold in the buckle. He’ll win the next go ’round” at the top of my lungs for over a week now.  You should see the looks I have been getting.

And the Emerson Drive song Moments? It is stalking me people. It started a couple days before I left for Vegas, I turned on CMT while getting ready for work and I saw the video.  After that, every single time I was in the car and turned the country station on – within a few songs I would hear “I’ve had my moments, days in the some, moments I was second to none, Moments when I knew I did what I thought I couldn’t do” When I got to Vegas BFM and I were in the car and I chuckled when she turned on the radio and there was Emerson Drive’s Moments again. This happened the whole trip as she would flip back and forth between country stations. So…I really wish Emerson Drive would stop stalking me!

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