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Writing and Watching Racing Don’t Mix

Posted by Amy in General

I have been working on some fiction stuff lately. I have never been able to be creative in front of a computer screen…so when I write my first draft of something I tend to use a notebook. As you know, because of a visit from our relatives, I had very little free time this weekend to work on my writing…not for a lack of wanting to. Last week I had to force out my paragraphs…this weekend I was all revved up and no time to write. Except when I bowed out of some site-seeing with relatives to watch Infineon…so while I was watching I decided I would work on my writing too. Today I am transferring what I wrote into my word document on the computer. I got some good stuff done if I don’t say so myself…but you can totally tell by my doodles in the margins what I was watching while writing.

Examples of doodles in the margins (most are doodled words not pictures…): Larry McReynolds (he was one of the commentators), No fourth gear (complete with some gear like doodle), Kyle Petty, Rev Limiter, Welcome to Sonoma, Las Vegas Motor Speedway (complete with a little oval track), a couple of cars (at least I think they are cars…they look more like rectangles with wheels), and lots of flowers. Ok the flowers aren’t race related…I always doodle flowers…those are normal doodles. The funniest one is I apparently doodled the words “Tundra Crewmax or A Silverado?” in between paragraphs…so I couldn’t tell if that was some more doodles or something that I meant to work into my story that I am working on…(I decided it was doodles).

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