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Bulleted Notes and A Gratuitous Roxy Picture for ya!

Posted by Amy in General

First the bullets:

  • Housekeeping: I decided to turn the theme switcher off permanently. You will now be subject to my whim as to which skin you see. We will start with NASCAR…The Slaughter skin will rear its head when I feel like change.
  • Work: I have had it just under 24 hours and I LOVE the wireless headset. I am not teathered to my desk by an umbilical phone cord…and don’t ask how I know this but the headset works all the way to the bathroom from my office. The headset fits a little funny but I think I am just not use to it yet. I can cook my lunch in the microwave at the back of the office and talk on the phone at the same time (and chew gum…aren’t I talented).
  • Family: I didn’t mean for THIS to sound like my mom doesn’t LOVE me. I know she loves me. Its just sometimes…she has a funny way of showing it. I think she was nervous for some reason. And for those of you wondering…I kept my mouth under control…except for once…but I was in the privacy of my own car…alone…so I don’t think I offended anyone.
  • Music: Still on the country kick. Last song listened to? BOONDOCKS by Little Big Town.
  • NASCAR: NH this weekend. Go Tony.
  • Roxy: This picture I call The Flying Beagle because of her ears…really what she is doing is Arooing…which is like a cross betwix a bark and a bay (that howling noise hounds make). The neighbors love it I am sure. What she was saying was: Stop taking pictures and start walking me!

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