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Ribbin’ is friendship

Posted by Amy in General

“No, no he didn’t slam you, he didn’t bump you, he didn’t nudge you…he rubbed you. And rubbin’, son, is racin’.” – Robert Duvall as Harry Hogge in Days of Thunder.

BFM has been ribbing me pretty hard lately about the whole nascar fangirl thing, specifically my fanship of Tony Stewart. Granted, she has known how much I love racing- we have been best friends since junior high school- so she KNOWS. Heck one of the first times we cut school together was in high school to go watch a CART race at Laguna Seca…(this was back before Cart split into IRL and Champ). We probably saw Days of Thunder in the theaters three of four times…her because of Tom Cruise…me because of the CARS! THE SPEED! She knows that if I have nothing to do on a Sunday afternoon I will do anything in my power to be sitting my keister down and watching the race.

Anyway a while back she sent me a link to an article called NASCAR LEGENDS OF OUR TIME. I sent her a little email back thanking her for the link to the article. She then called me later in the day and told me that the reason she sent me the article was to rub it in that Jeff Gordon was listed third as a Nascar Legend and Tony Stewart wasn’t mentioned at all.

A couple days after that…we where chatting online one night and had decided to part ways. Right before she signed off, instead of the usual “Good night”… or “talk to you tomorrow” kind of thing- she signed off with DUPONT RULES (that would be Jeff Gordon’s primary sponsor for those not in the know) and signed off quickly before I could respond.

Then I visited her in Vegas and we were wandering around Target when her little brother found an isle dedicated to Nascar merchandise. I was standing with him in the isle, trying to decide what exactly a Tony Stewart air freshner would smell like (Tire Smoke? Burned Oil? No…turns out Tony Stewart smells like bubble gum!) and I turn around and see this:

The ribbing of course didn’t stop once I returned! Finally I asked her. I said “What is with the relentless ribbing?” and she came back with (in a voice like I can’t believe you are asking me) “Ribbin’ is friendship.”

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