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Left you out to dry didn’t I?

Posted by Amy in General

Was it weird for you how I had been updating at least once (usually more like three to five times a day) then I just left you in the lurch on Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday. I wish I had some exciting tale of adventure and intrigue…but really I have nothing people. NOTHING. My weekend…was pretty boring and I did nothing excited and certainly nothing you would really want to hear about…trust me.

The most exciting things I did over the weekend:

  • I made a freezer pie. It was deliciously lime and totally easy. TOTALLY. Next week I am going to make an orange one!
  • I bought some freeze dried banana chips. I think they are good. No one else in my family does. I knew I should have been an astronaut! Freeze dried bananas…YUM. Tang….YUM! Oh yeah I kinda forgot how I don’t like flying and the whole “deathly scared of heights” thing. Hmmm maybe no on the astronaut thing afterall.
  • I tried bubble tea. I saw a new place in town and they sell them. I was innately curious like my mother so we tried. It was like drinking coconut slushy (I ordered a coconut one my mom ordered a plum one…and hers was much nastier than mine) with guppys in it. Rather gross. I shall not repeat. But I had to try it. The drink itself was good but the “bubbles” really grossed me out.  For those not in the know..the bubbles…they are actually big gelatinous globs of tapioca.
  • Watched the race…rooted for Tony…was glad that Denny Hamlin was able to hold off Gordon…
  • Looked all over for a 12×16 frame. Not as easy as you might think. Apparently it is an odd size.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the weekend recap.

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