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More Things You Never Live Down…

Posted by Amy in General

Read the first installment here.

Two more for the record books.

One has to do with something that happened at the same accident…and my brother, the gifted liar storyteller tells it best. After the “we’ve got parts incident” my brother went to move the Rav out of the middle of the intersection. And at nearly every family gathering he LOVES to tell how when he went to release the parking brake to move the rav off to the side of the road, I had, in anger, set it soo tight (my parking brake is one of those little lift levers in the center) that he had to use his feet as leverage on my dash to get the brake to release.


Second happened in Vegas…at the Keith Urban concert. We had floor tickets. In between the Wreckers and KU- I decided to go back up to the bathroom…and had to climb the stairs on the side to do it. I don’t know if any of you have seen a concert or fight or whatever at the Mandalay but the steps up the stands to the potties…are very short and close together…I got up them fine. Before I made my way back down I decided to get two beers (one for me and one for BFM). The beers where in plastic bottles which was odd. What was even more odd is that they took the lids but whatever. Anyway I was making my way back down to the floor going down those little teeny stairs. By now the Wreckers had already ended their set so everybody (or so it seemed) was going back up the stairs…while I was trying to make my way back down. I stepped off to the side to let some people go back up…and when I went to step back onto the stairs I missed one or something I am not sure but I was about to go a tumbling all the way down the stairs (I was still about half way) so instead I grabbed a random guy to keep from falling. Yes. You read that right. I just grabbed on to some random man so I wouldn’t fall to my demise. However it was more than just a grab it was more like I took a running lunge at the poor guy who was minding his own business. He of course grabbed me in return…I am so glad that my falling lunge down towards him didn’t knock US BOTH off balance and down the stairs…that would have been even more mortifying than the situation already was. Anyway…the guy was very good about the whole thing…he told me not to worry he had me and that he was glad he was there for me. I told him I was glad too…because I had visions of tumbling all the way to the floor section. He laughed. So THANK YOU RANDOM GUY AT THE KU CONCERT IN VEGAS for keeping me from falling to my death due to my inherited (from my mother) clumsiness. Unfortunately he probably thought I was drunk off my rocker all ready. Unfortunately I hadn’t taken a sip yet. But fear not…the beers survived!!! I didn’t even spill a drop.  I quickly scanned the floor to see if BFM had seen me…and she appeared to be looking off the side…so I was sure that she didn’t.  But I found out that she was just “trying to show some respect to me” in the moment and she had seen…and now everyone hears about my tumble.

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