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July 8th Re-Air of “Nextel’s Prelude to The Dream” on Speed

Posted by Amy in General

In case you didn’t catch the “Nextel’s Prelude to the Dream” race at Eldora Speedway that was a pay-per-view event on tv (or if you lived nearby or could travel that far…you know you could actually attend the race), Speed will be showing the race on July 8th, 2007 (and some other days there after in July).  The line-up of drivers is impressive and includes nextel cup drivers, nhra drivers and others.  Proceeds of the race went to charity…namely The Victory Junction Gang and the Tony Stewart Foundation.

Now I was at the airport by the time The Prelude came on pay-per-view…(only to be stuck there for HOURS because my damn plane was late but that is another story)…so I bought it right before I left and dvr’d (is that a word? No? It is now) it for my return from Vegas (along with all my other shows).  I have limited experience watching dirt track racing of any form (these happen to be late model stock cars)…I think in my entire life I have watched maybe three dirt races (all on TV) mostly those little winged cars)…but let me tell you that this race was well worth the ppv fee.  It was exciting and fun…so if you have a few hours and want to watch some excitement be sure to tune into Speed on July 8th. 

Then if so inclined…donate to the Victory Junction Gang…it is a great cause….check out their website for great ways you can help (not just monitarily).

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