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Nascar fans…I need your help.

Posted by Amy in General

This post was originally posted June 28th, but I am bumping it back towards the top in case someone missed it and has a comment to make. Thanks. AMY

I know I have been alluding to it, but I have pretty much decided that “some day” is next year. I have always said that I want to see a nascar race live and in person…”some day.” I kept hoping that they would just magically show up at Laguna Seca, I think. And while I am only about two and a half hours from Infineon…I want my first Nascar race to be a oval not a road course.

I have narrowed it down to Las Vegas Motor Speedway and California Speedway…(although I really want to go to Bristol -it is my favorite track to watch)…both are very road-trip distance from me. Right now I am leaning towards LV. If you have been to either (or BOTH!) lay your suggestions on me.

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  • Jay says:

    Fontana! Fontana!

    For completely selfish reasons, of course! :)

  • Valli says:

    I would say California only because that’s the only other track I’ve been to besides Infineon, and because the next race is in September. But I’m with ya on going to Vegas, that’s high on my list of to-dos.

    Thank you for the link!! I’m adding ya to mine. :)

  • Lisa says:

    My nine-year-old son says “Las Vegas by far”. He says “it is really intense and when they are coming off the corner there is a big pack. If you are sitting right where they are coming off Turn 4, you might see a huge wreck.”

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