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Second Mondays…or why I am in a bad mood!

Posted by Amy in General

Two mondays in one week? That sucks. Today seems like a Monday since I had yesterday off and all. I SHOULD have taken today off….hindsight is always 20/20.

First off…I need to say…to whomever in my neighborhood decided last night that it would be great fun to set of M80s or whatever the hell those were…thanks. One was so loud it caused me to jump and spill water down the front of myself whilst yelling profanities because I then looked like I was in a wet tshirt contest. The rest? Caused my poor dog to pace around the house and pant and whine and hide and do what nervous scared dogs do…Roxy may be a beagle (which are bred for hunting) but she doesn’t like loud noises…whisly noises…or pretty much any noise so thanks…it was a real fun night trying to console my dog.

Of course my morning couldn’t go smoothly…I accidently squirted moisturizer on my shirt- necessitating an unscheduled shirt change, my contacts were being difficult and not sitting on my eye properly in the morning- plus I just don’t see clearly with this trial pair which SUCK, I get in the car and notice I am nearly out of gas- so whilst I had enough to get to work this means I am going to Chevron during lunch which means I will need to scale back my effort to find the new Velvet Revolver CD (which is a whole other story) because I will also have to find time to visit a starbucks because I NEED MY BLACK TEA LEMONADE….ITS MONDAY DAMNIT!.

I get to work and someone is parked in my favorite and second favorite parking spots…which during the summer is weird! Then…I came in this morning to 35 workorders…assigned to me alone. I have, in the last two and a half hours, whittled that number down to 11 (those 11 can not be done because they are missing important information or just aren’t ready to be completed yet) because even when I am in a bad mood…I am awesome. For those not in the know…35 workorders on a summer day? That is a heck of a lot of workorders. ALOT. During the time I was working said workorders, I got not one…not two…but THREE evil customer calls. Of course I also got a lot of non-evil customer calls…and had other work to do (print reports).

Two mondays in one week? Two to many.

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