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Pepsi 400 at Daytona…and Nascar.com’s RaceView

Posted by Amy in General

Well I have to say I was so excited to see Tony up front during the first what, twenty laps or so? And then…that finish? What a finish!!!! I was on my feet and I was in my own house! I couldn’t tell who won…I was like play it again…play it again!!!! Gimme a different angle…and I thought the Daytona 500 was a close finish!

Anyway…for those not in the know Nascar.com let people check out their service RaceView during the race on Saturday for free. I was curious, so I tried it. I was at a slight disadvantage because I couldn’t see the television from that computer so I occasionally had to run back and forth if I wanted to know exactly what was happening…or I heard the announcers talking excitedly. I found the animations to be fairly accurate as to what was happening on the tv for the most part…the exception to that is the pitting. When the cars are pitting they aren’t in the pitstalls exactly right…and when they are being jacked up the cars look like they are spinning in the pits…it was a little disorientating…at first I thought there was a big accident in the pits so I ran out to the TV to see…but no…just pitstops. Plus I think they should have little animated people run out and service the cars…I mean if the cars can have those gps things in them why can’t the different crew members have them implanted in their helmets? I definitely don’t think I could rely solely on RaceView without TV…the excitement just isn’t there for me…not to mention I like to hear the commentators banter back and forth.

What I loved about RaceView? Was being able to eavesdrop on the radios. I LOVED that part. It fascinated me to no end! Of course I find pitstops fascinating to no end on the TV so why wouldn’t the radio communications be exciting? I started off listening to Junior (because my dad was standing over my shoulder going lets hear Junior, lets hear Junior). Then I said…look I have to listen to Tony…so I listened to Tony…and got to hear about the accident as it was happening which was very cool. Other than that…Tony and his crew don’t talk much on their radios…although after the accident- I guess all the crew guys have little radios on too because you could hear them calling for different tools and parts. Then Tony went to pull his car behind the wall and I guess someone led him astray and he had to back out of the one area he pulled into (the Busch garage if I remember correctly) and was having trouble getting it going again and Denny Hamlin’s crew was going to help push him and he didn’t want NO part of that. That humored me. Sounded like something I would say!

After awhile of listening to Tony’s crew work on his car I moved over to Clint Bowyer’s radio. He and his crew chat a lot more than Tony’s crew. Clint always wanted to know where Teammate was…and was constantly reading off numbers that I assume were engine temps? Water temps? oil temps? they sounded like some kind of temperatures anyway. They were very chatty. Once Tony was back on the track I listened to him some more…but still they were fairly quiet. I figure that it is a personal thing…some people probably need the chatter to keep them focused and some people do not want the chatter…and find it distracting.

I would probably utilize raceview for the radio chatter, if my computer was set up in the same room as my tv.

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