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Commercials That Make Me Laugh

Posted by Amy in General

I watch the superbowl every year…but I must admit that mostly I watch it for the commercials (and the scores to check my pools). It’s not that I don’t understand football…I understand it for the most part- it just doesn’t hold my attention very much. Anyway, I thought a majority of the superbowl commercials sucked big time this year. Bleck.

As you probably know, I tend to watch the Sunday (or Saturday Night) Nextel Cup races…that holds my attention. But even if it didn’t I find the commercials to be FAR more humorous than the superbowl commercials. So…without further a do…here is a nice little listy of my five favorite (and two honorable mentions) Nascar commercials:

  1. The Kasey Kahne Rabid Fan Girls Allstate commercials (there is a whole series of them)
  2. Tony Stewart’s Sunoco “You can’t take Tony Stewart to the Grocery Story” Commercial
  3. Kasey Kahne’s Sunoco “You can’t take Kasey Kahne to Dinner” Commercial
  4. Dale Earnhardt Junior’s Budweiser Crazy Mutant Desert Guys Commercial (this is the extended version they played during the superbowl…)
  5. Ryan Newman/Carl Edwards/Jimmie Johnson/Kasey Kahne Phantom Gillette Commercial.

Honorable mentions:

  1. Chevy Impala INFIELD commercial
  2. (oldie) Jeff Gordon Out of Gas Nextel Commercial

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