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I am the first to tell you that I was so glad to see Tony Stewart get his first win of the season! Whoo hoo!

First off to be a fly on the wall in the meeting Tony and Denny had with Coach Gibbs…I would have loved to listen in on that one!

I was originally a little disappointed about his qualifying- he qualified 19th.  I was watching the race with my dad who was resting after his rotator cuff surgery on friday (and he is doing pretty good thankfully)…then I was displaced by visitors and continued to watch the race in a different room.  Then I left the race for a bit (Ok…you caught me..I was actually taking a nap…but I needed it. I haven’t slept well in 3 days people and I was exhausted).  When I left Tony was in 12th or something like that. When I got back…he was in 6th…then he gained four positions thanks to an amazing pit stop and poof he was in second.  So I finally got back out to the my dad…and he was asleep…as was my mom and Roxy…so I sat there and watched Tony take the lead from Jimmy Johnson.  I was pretty excited but I didn’t say anything because mostly I would be talking to myself and waking up sleeping people…(and a sleeping dog).

Then Jimmy Johnson’s right rear just disintegrates and he smacks the wall pretty hard…and I couldn’t help it…I went “OOOOh that hurt” pretty damn loud I guess because my dad woke up, the dog ran off and mom about flipped out of her chair (no doubt thinking that there was something up with my dad and his shoulder)!  It was a hard smack though…anyway my after the restart my dad’s all Tony has it made as long as his car doesn’t break…then there are TWO more cautions…thanks to JJ Yeley (I like to say his name…)  hitting the wall and then Joe Nemechek spinning…and each time I am worried because it puts Matt Kenseth right there behind Tony but luckily it was just meant to be (FINALLY)! It was good to see him climb the fence.

Nascar has some Napa Race Chatter up for Tony that I’d like to share with you…but I can’t figure out how to direct link to the video…so…just go to THIS PAGE and click on the Napa race Chatter: TONY STEWART to listen to the best of his in car audio from Chicagoland.  Too bad THIS race wasn’t the one that had the free RACE VIEW from nascar.com…because I would have TOTALLY been listening to Tony the whole time. My favorite part is the end when he tells his  crew peeps not to talk to him any more (he was concentrating…I understand that!).  Although I might have listened to Junior for a bit talk about his powersteering issues for a couple laps.  I tell you the pit chatter…that totally fascinates me. I know I have said it before and I will probably say it more but it does.

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