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All’s Fair…in the Fair

Posted by Amy in General

This will be the fourth year I have entered something in the county fair. The first year I entered a baby blanket (crocheted) and a home made card. I won first prize for the blanket and the card. The second year I entered several items…including a crocheted shawl (first place), two crocheted scarves (second and no place). The third year I entered two crocheted bowls (honorable mentions), another home made card (no place), and two photos on a whim (both got honorable mentions).

I had lofty goals to enter tons of stuff. I was going to make a full sized afghan…that didn’t happen (but I have all the supplies in my yarn stash). Then I was going to crochet a stuffed monkey…well he is still in pieces…so maybe I can enter him next year. Then I was gonna enter a small crocheted bag that someone asked me to make…well I still haven’t even gotten the yarn for that one….

What am I entering, you ask? Well I am entering four photographs in the digital photography untouched category. Entering the photography category last year was nerve wracking because I entered two photos I took with my little point-and-click camera..that I hated. I have since bought another point-and-click camera…that I love. And it is still daunting to enter this category. My camera isn’t high end…hell it isn’t even medium end (ok maybe it is at the low-end of medium-end). But I love my camera…and I love to take pictures. They have like twelve subdivisions of the digital photography category. You can enter four pictures…up to two per category. I am chancing it and entering four different categories.

My dad…who has far far far superior equipment had decided to enter four pictures as well…two in two categories. One of my pictures? Will be going up against two of his pictures. Nice…and one of those pictures that I am up against? Is even similar in subject matter (a race car). Now some people may be surprised to find out that I am EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to anything I do (just ask my thursday lunchtime board game group at work). I so want to kick his butt. I know I won’t though…I have seen a small slice of my competition and it is far better. I think if I even place in that particular category- my dad will place ahead of me. I think he should anyway. My only hope is to outshine him by bringing home more ribbons than he….and the smack I talk about it. Because I am a smack talker let me tell you…(again just ask my thursday lunch group).

I got my prints all mounted and ready for the fair…which do you like best:

Top Row: Driftwood (left) and Roxy’s Trick (right)

Bottom Row: Big Orange (left) and Pumpkin Lane (right)

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