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I’ve got just a little today and its mostly about dogs.

Posted by Amy in General

I am trying to keep up with my blogging roll I have been on lately…but I really don’t have much to talk about today. I really REALLY wanted to share with you this awesome picture I took of Miss Roxy the best beagle in the world…(ok so that is an exaggeration) but I can’t share it with you? Why Because when I took it? I took it with my dad’s camera so it is stuck in his camera until he figures out how to mouse lefthanded because NO ONE touches his computer equipment (nor do they want to..because then if he has a problem with it? It is all on you…even though you touched it like three months ago for three minutes). You will have to trust me she is darling in the picture..even though I had to corner her behind a chair to get the picture.

What else? Oh…while we are on the topic of dogs…I have been reading about the Atlanta Falcon’s football player indited on charges of running a dog fighting outfit. I have been trying to put into words the complete disgust I have about it…but there are no words for how abominable the actions they took were. Not to mention their unhumane methods of putting down the injured dogs or puppies that weren’t aggressive enough for them (electrocution? Body slamming puppies on the ground? Hanging?). I just can’t imagine anyone being so cruel to animals.

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