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The Antiques Roadshow MI-5 and Friday Fill-in 29

Posted by Amy in General

Bill says: This week’s MI-5 is based of the most recent “Antiques Roadshow” I saw on PBS. They were in Portland, I think.

1) For the kid who brought in the Summer, Winter, and Fall figurines (Spring was missing): Do you have something that you’ve held onto, even though it’s missing some pieces, or may even be broken? What is it? Why do you hang onto it?

Every year for my birthday my maternal grandma gave us these birthday porcelain angels. Well as a young child I thought they were stupid and I actually played with them…and wound up breaking several. I still have them superglued together. I don’t know why I keep them. Part sentimental I guess and part just because I am a packrat.

2) For the guy who brought in original transcripts from the bombing of Pearl Harbor: Tell us a story about something that happened to you, or something special you remember, that happened on a historic date. If you can’t think of anything, fall back on the “Where were you when Kennedy was shot” sort of thing.

I remember exactly where I was on January 28nd 1986 (the day the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded). I was on a field trip with my sixth grade class to the Aquarium. We had just gotten there when one of my friends who didn’t go with us on the bus (she went with her dad who was a chaperon) came up and told me what happened and I didn’t believe so I asked the teacher who confirmed it but told me not to tell the other kids because it might upset them. This was the space shuttle with Christa McAuliffe on board as part of the teacher in space project.

3) For the lady who had her great-great-who-knows-how-many-greats grandmother’s clothes from the Bahamas: What’s the oldest piece of clothing you own? Do you still wear it? Why do you have it?

I have this reversible black denim on one side turquoise on the other side vest that I wore daily for two years in junior high school. I do not wear it. I don’t know why I can’t get rid of it but I can’t.

4) For the guy who brought in a working model motorboat: Tell us something about an interesting toy from your childhood.

Well the most interesting thing about a toy of mine is that I had a doll that I named noodles. Why I have no idea. My parents don’t remember either.

5) One lady brought in what she thought was a Native American fish hook. Turned out it was a Polynesian cannibal “brain pick’! Have you ever owned something that you thought was one thing, and it turned out to be something else? If not, how about something in your house that you don’t know what it is?

Well…I have a funny story about something that turned out to be something else from high school. BFM and I took Marine biology and we dissected some sort of shark in that class. BFM found what she assumed was a shark kidney. It was shaped like a kidney and in the place you would think a shark kidney would be…so she cut it out and labeled it a shark kidney…only to find out from our instructor that it was most definitely NOT a kidney…but a male reproductive part (that come in two people). Our shark was a boy! I know this isn’t quite what you were looking for…but it is the funniest and only thing I could think of.

***Fill-in 29***

1. SunTea makes me remember my childhood.
2. I like to use garlic when I cook.
3. HP spoilers really piss me off.
4. I’ve been thinking about a new car lately.
5. The last song I heard that I liked was Mr. Policeman by Brad Paisley.
6. Smores by starlight.
7. And as for the weeked, tonight I’m looking forward to relaxing, tomorrow my plans include getting the HP Book of course and Sunday, I want to READ the HP book!

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