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Happy Monday – Weekend Recap.

Posted by Amy in General

I am having a pretty good Monday so far…how about you? I am hoping it stays that way!

So Saturday saw me up at the unsightly hour of 4:45am (yeah you read that right…). I wanted to be sure I could say goodbye to my mom who is off to Canada for a weekend of sightseeing before she boards a big cruise ship to Alaska (she does that today). I would have gone all the way to the airport with her but there wasn’t enough room in the car for me.  My dad wanted to go but couldn’t drive and my brother and sister-in-law went…plus my mom’s friend who is going with her…and the x-terra only seats five.  My plan was to get up…say my goodbyes…make sure she had everything and that kinda of stuff…and go back to bed and sleep.  Except…by the time they left (6:00) I was awake and there would be NO going back to sleep unfortunately….because once I am good and awake…I ain’t going back to sleep- especially if it is light outside.   The rest of the day involved three separate trips to the grocery store…a great dinner prepared by my brother and sister-in-law…and a killer Busch series race in the evening that was a great race and made me wonder why I don’t watch more Busch races. My problem with Busch is that I haven’t decided who to root for!  Needless to say, by the time I drug myself off to bed I was tired and slept well!

I slept in on Sunday morning a bit…which was nice.  I watched the Indy race in the in the early afternoon…cheering for Tony of course.  Then late Sunday afternoon saw me and Roxy playing ball outside for a long time…so long that she finally gave up…something that doesn’t happen very often.  Then I helped to some yard cleanup that my dad wanted done but couldn’t do one armed…while an exhausted Roxy supervised from her shady spots under the trees (she is usually pretty good out front and will just wander around as long as she can see one of us).

Just a reminder that I will be here through Wednesday and then I am out of town until Monday (technically late Sunday but I won’t be online most likely til sometime Monday).  I am setting up my three usually suspects Chrissy, ETS and Bill with posting privies starting Wednesday afternoon if they want to throw some guest posts your way.

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