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I am back!!! Didja miss me? Didja???

Posted by Amy in General

Did you think I got lost? (It wouldn’t surprise me if I had gotten lost- I don’t have the sense of direction to find my way out of a paper bag…but that is a completely different story).

Anyway I have some stories to tell you of my vacation which was probably THE most awesome vacation I have had in a long time….but I don’t have time right now to tell them….(soon I promise).

I am alive and well and well I am working my ass off trying to catch back up at work…and I am exhausted because I had to get up at the buttcrack of dawn to pick up my mom from the airport since my dad can’t drive with his right arm all bound up in a sling…and let me tell you that it was an experience driving his boat pick-up in rush hour traffic! I promise I will update you all on my vacation very very soon.

Oh and an extra-special THANK YOU to Chrissy, Bill and ETS for the great guest posting job while I was in the southland!!!

Oh and be sure to watch Flickr for pictures too.

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