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The Glen and The Tooth

Posted by Amy in General

First- The Glen
Tony Stewart was victorious once more at the Glen.  Tony had a strong car that was good at the beginning until he spun….but he charged forth- never giving up…to retake the lead with two laps to go after Jeff Gordon pushed into a corner just a little too hard (probably paying more attention to the orange in his rearview mirror than to the turn in front of him). Carl Edwards pushed hard and gave Tony a run for his money there for awhile.

I must say that it was another entertaining road race- between Tony spinning and then working his way back up towards the front and JPM and Kevin Harvick nearly going fist-to-cuffs over an altercation on the track (there was shoving and helmet grabbing…and threats of ass-kicking)…it was a fun one to watch.  For the last 15 laps or so I was on the edge of my seat…and I admit that the second I saw the 24 car spin out in the corner I jumped up off the edge of my seat and pumped my hand in the air just a bit…I think I even scared the dog…but she is jumpy anyway!  Right after the race was over my mom asked me what I was gonna do- and I looked at her smiled and said: RUB IT IN! I then proceeded to text BFM (the Jeff Gordon) fan this message as I knew she wasn’t watching the race- she was navigating around Hollywood): 24 car spins w. 2 laps 2go. TONY WINS!!! WTG SMOKE!!!

Yesterday I was minding my own business eating some CPK COBB Salad with my mother (we were sharing a CPK COBB with NO CHEESE and a Chipolte Chicken Pizza) when my tongue discovered that my front bottom tooth felt a little funny…sharp-like.  So I rush into the bathroom and sure enough I have a chip or crack or something going on- right there on my front bottom tooth. So far it isn’t really painful…but I have been extremely careful with how I am eating. I am going to try to get into the dentist asap tomorrow…we will see if he can fit me in.  Oy the joys that I look forward to on Monday. I wonder if I can take my ipod to the dentist office?

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