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Getting Some Nascar Stuff Off My Chest…

Posted by Amy in General

There are some things I have been meaning to write about but just haven’t been able to find the time…so here it goes- all mishmashed into one entry:


I have been meaning to mention the fact that I DON’T LIKE THE NEW NAME of the Nextel Cup next year. I still remember when the cup was called the Winston cup…and maybe I just don’t like change (ok- most people would tell you that I can be a little resistant to change at times) but I hate the fact that NASCAR has decided to change the name to the SPRINT CUP. Why? Because I think it has the potential to confuse people who might think it is about SPRINT Cars. Silly Nascar.


Are my brother and I the only ones who think that the “Cars of Tomorrow” look kind of like a shrinkydinked version of the Nascar Craftsman trucks? Just curious.


Tony Stewart got find for saying “bullshit.” Will Kevin Harvick get fined for saying “ass”? And why didn’t Kyle Petty get fined for saying “fuck” on air? Oh I have heard the excuse that it was a network issue but I say that is bs…and he should have been fined like everyone else.

Speaking of the fines, where does the money go?

By the way…maybe it is because I am not easily offended…but I don’t think a little cursing said in the heat of the moment- whether it be in anger or in excitement should be a something that should be fine-worthy.


And while we are speaking about fines, JPM and Kevin Harvick had a little shoving match at Watkins Glen…and I am interesting to see if NASCAR will fine them for their actions. I do not, however, think it is right to fine drivers for this kind of thing. It shows the drivers are both passionate about their sport and their position in their sport. Frustration is passion gone awry in my opinion. I really think that a little shoving here and there…or yelling matches are not something that drivers should be penalized for.


Was I the only one who thought that guy running out to Matt Kenseth’s car during the the red flag at the Glen last week was hilarious? Did he really think that the driver would autograph the hat? And did he get escorted from the track? And most importantly…what was he drinking that made him think that would be a wise idea?

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