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MI-5 craze….

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Ok so I am a couple weeks behind on the MI-5′s. Why? Well I could blame it on vacation but I think I will just say sorry and play catchup. Here is the latest…followed by the two I missed:

MI5 – The Internet

1. If you can remember, what year it was that you 1st welcomed the world wide web into your home? If you can’t remember, how about a close guess :-) .

Probably around 1990 or so. I really don’t remember. Stared out with an AOL screen name on my dad’s account.

2. How many hours a day in the average week do you spend in front of a computer at home, at work, how much of that requires an online connection?

I figure that at home I am usually online about 2 hours a day average.  At work I am online for 40 hours a week. I am work at a helpdesk getting people online at a university…so I am always online.

3. Do you read anyone else’s blog regularly? List your favorites.

I read LOTS of blogs regularly. See those people listed over there on the right. That would be them! I read them all daily. I will introduce some of my newer ones to you:

Up To No Good (by E): She is a nascar fan…and writes about it sometimes. It’s nice to have another female fan/friend!!! Most of my friends think I am nuts with the nascar thing. She also writes about what is going on in her life…hey kind of like me.
Life is RANTastic (by RockChick): She is a rocker and loves Bon Jovi…what more in a blogger could I love? She is also one of my newer picks and she posts a lot which is great because that way I always have something new to read.
Fingerprint, INC Blog (by Jade Gurss): Jade is Dale Jr’s PR man and co-author of Driver #8…I love the little inside looks at Nascar I get from Jade (sometimes they are things I wouldn’t have thought of myself).

4. If you’ve discovered the wonderful world of Podcasting list some of your favorites. Whether you have or haven’t share your thoughts on the concept.

Ahh podcasting. In general I am not offended by it but it isn’t something I like on my ipod. I am a music whore hound and I don’t like a bunch of jabbering on my ipod (I feel the same way about audio books).  However…I do subscribe to the Dale Jr one that Jade (see question three) does (and yes if Tony Stewart had one I would be all over that too). I can’t listen to it while driving in LA traffic I found out during my last vacation…it can be a little annoying to be driving in rushhour LA traffic while listening to Jr’s spotter go INSIDE…INSIDE…OUTSIDE…you get the picture.

5. Click on your history window share with us 5 websites you’ve recently visited and what brought you there.

cnn.com – Checking out the news…specifically interested in any progress on the utah miners. myspace.com- checking my account.  nascar.com- checking the daily NASCAR news FoxSports.com/nascar- again checking the daily NASCAR news.  montereycountyfair.com- checking when to pick up my entries

Sue’s Camping MI-5

Sue says: I am leaving tomorrow to volunteer at a children’s camp for a week, so this week’s question are inspired by that.

1. Did you ever go to a “sleep away” and/or day camps when you were a kid?

No I never went to camps during the summer. I did go to a summer cooking class and a summer crafting class as a child and I especially loved the cooking one…but other than that it was just me and the local pool and my library card, and my bike.

At my grammar school all 6th graders went to science camp. I did that. It was ok.

2. Do you enjoy camping? If so, what type: “roughin’ it” in a tent or a more cushy style in a camper or trailer?

Well not in the lets get in a tent and get dirty kind of camping. I don’t mind staying in a lodge or a cabin (I like running water and private privies…I don’t care much about electricity….but the running water is a must.

3. What’s your favorite camping and/or outdoor activity?

Fishing. I like to fish. I just am NOT a fan of cleaning the fish or preparing the fish.

4. Did you ever work/volunteer at a camp?


5. Any interesting/funny camping stories?

On the blind nature hike when it was my turn to be blind folded my partner lead me right through poison oak. Nice. Luckily I didn’t react to it. The counselors had me wash right away and I was ok.


1. Hagrid took care of some unusual creatures while at Hogwarts. What was the most unusual “creature” you’ve ever taken care of?

Hmm…well there was my brother…(just kidding). A lizard I guess.

2. If you were given magical powers for 24 hours, what would you do?

To travel by flue or some other magical way that didn’t involve planes.

3. The Hogwarts Express has a major part in the series. Have you ever been on a train? Where did you go? Share with us your experience.

Never for transportation. I have been to Roaring Camp a couple of times and taken the Mountain Train and the Beach Train as well as the Haunted Train.

4. Why do you think the world has gone so crazy for All Things Harry Potter?

Because it is fun to escape into a fantasy world.

5. And finally, describe a “magical” moment in your life.

Hmmm I can’t think of one off hand.


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  • MeLanie says:

    Nascar’s Jimmy Johnson is my gal pals favorite obsession.
    I myself have never been able to get into the thrill? and excitement? of watching cars drive in circles. That is until cRasH bOoM BlaMo!!! Twisted metal, flying debris, smoke & fire & a rolling tire! Now that is cool!

    With that said may I toss the responsibility of pulling some questions from the MI5 Q&A CUP Your way? (my lame attempt and relating it to the Nextel Cup)

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