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Amy’s Movie Moments

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My Signs Moment

While cleaning my office the other day it suddenly dawned on my that I must be channeling character Bo Hess (played by the talented Abigail Breslin) because I had three open, partially used bottles of water sitting on my desk. Yes they were all in various states of “fullness” but only one LESS than half full. I also had an iced venti starbucks cup half filled with melting ice (from my iced tea…which was gone) sitting there sans lid. Apparently I am expecting water-fearing aliens to attack. If I spot crop circles in the quad or hear weird clicking noises through my computer speakers I am making myself a tinfoil hat and hiding in the closet with my ipod (unfortunately the large screen tv in the lobby won’t fit in the closet).

My Days of Thunder Moment

I have two options when driving to work. Option One is through the fields, over the river on a road that is accident ridden, only one lane going each way and often riddled not only with commute traffic but tractor traffic. Tractor traffic equals slow traffic. Sometimes there is also school bus traffic to contend with. This is NOT my preferred methond. Option Two is through fields over the river on a mostly one lane each way road (that does branch out into two lanes each way just over half way), while there is still tractor traffic it is less frequent. Also this way is less traveled and more curvy. This is usually my preferred method. However they have narrowed the two lanes each way (which were separated by a big center median full off sand and dead grass) down to a one-lane each way, no medium, concrete barricade on one-side, cliff on the other side, cone-zone while they are working on a housing project on the other side of the road. Because of the construction they have slowed the speed limit from 65 to 35. Well I was going to work the other day and I mistakenly went this way (I now go the other way because I feel the cone-zone is dangerous) and this ass in a white toyota tundra is UP MY TAILPIPE the whole way through the cone-zone which I was going 45 (remember the speed limit is 35) because I was afraid if I went any slower he would actually try climbing over my Rav. When it widened back out into two lanes I sped up to the speed limit and he sped up to way beyond the speed limit and slung by me. pausing only long enough to give me the finger. So a couple lights later though? I am right behind him. It was everything I could do not to tap his bumper and wave and say “Remember me?” ala Cole Trickle (only with less “rubbin’”) and Rowdy burns during the Daytona (I think- it is been a long time). Although if Nicole Kidman ends up in my passenger seat yelling “Let me outta the car Cole! Let me outta the car!” on my way home she may just find herself stranded in a lettuce field.

My Underdog Moment

Talk about timing. I was sitting in the living room. Roxy was ready to eat..it was probably about quarter to five or five in the evening. When she wants her dinner she will come up to you and sit on your foot. Then if you ignore her she will stand on her back legs with her paws on your knees (or chest if you are leaning forward) and yawn vigorously and make a noise that isn’t quite whining but not barking either then she will stare you down intently until you relent to give her her dinner. While she was staring intently the underdog commercial came on that said GIVE THE DOG YOUR FOOD….which I am sure was exactly what Roxy was thinking.

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  • Elyse says:

    After reading this, I took a quick glance around my room…and realized I have NINE cups (some with water in them, some empty) placed around my room. I am going to go clean them up now…thanks…*sheepish look*

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