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Dear DirecTV DVR-

Posted by Amy in General

Since I got you for my birthday in January it has been love at first sight.  I so love that I just hit the little record button and you record whatever my heart desires and you hold on to it for me until I am ready to watch it.  Frankly it feels wonderful to not be a slave to the television. I have always trusted you.

You proudly hold my races, my soap (an addiction I caught in high school) and the entire last season of CSI…that I still haven’t watched.  When I heard about NASCAR in Primetime- I quickly set you up to record the entire series!  You recorded the first episode just fine.  As a matter of fact, it is still there having been watched but I decided to horde it anyway so I could watch the whole series back to back after it had run in its entirety -because I am weird like that…

For some reason unbeknownst to me- you neglected your faithful duties and did NOT record last weeks episode.  Of course I blamed myself inititally;  Did I fill up the dvr (nope- over 45% free!)?  Was there a power outage? Nope.  Did I forget to choose record ENTIRE series? (Nope- you have this weeks episode in your to-do list).  I trusted you to perform your duty and I went out that night.  Now I missed an entire episode…and I am so sad!
Whatever did I do to you? Are you trying to break up with me?

Distressed, AMY

P.S. I am going to be leaving on vacation in a couple days to Vegas for nearly a week. Can you please behave and record your shows accordingly?

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