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Two M1-5′s for you…

Posted by Amy in General

Since I was on vacation last week I missed the Five. So here is last weeks and this weeks.

First is Lisa’s County Fair MI-5

  1. Do you attend any country/agricultural fairs? If so, which one is your favorite? Why?  I attend our county fair. Mostly for something to do and I usually try to enter stuff in the fair…sometimes things I have crocheted and sometimes photography.   I am also a HUGE fan of the Northern California RenFaire…but I might not go this year.
  2. What is your favorite fair ride? Why? I don’t usually ride anything because I am afraid of carnies.
  3. What is your favorite fair food? Why? Funnel cake because…it is funnel cake.
  4. What is your favorite part of the fair overall? 4-H exhibits? Animals? Harness racing? Rides? Food? I am a big fan of the home arts exhibits and the photography and art stuff.  And funnel cakes. Did I mention the funnel cakes? Fair food rocks.
  5. How much money do you drop for your typical fair excursion? Well last time it was $16.00 but that wasn’t involving any food because I wasn’t there that long…usually more like $40.00

And next is Aunt Ginny’s Indian Summer MI-5 (in extended entry)

  1. Do you have a favorite outside activity at this time of year? What? Tell us about it. Taking Roxy for walks. I wish she liked cars because I would totally take her out on the Fort Ord Public Lands for a walk.
  2. What indicates to you that Indian Summer has arrived? Is it the weather? the date? something else?  The weather here heats up a bit. We are also a bit more prone to earthquakes.
  3. Now that we are between summer tourists and leaf-peepers, do you have any special last hurrah plans for this summer? Details? Well we don’t get many leaf-peepers here…since all our leaves just turn yellow and brown and scatter all over the front yards. I just took my last summer Harrah…to Vegas…land of the 115 degree days.  I wish I was kidding. Watching an outdoor concert at 7:00 pm…just sitting there in my seat I was still sweating.
  4. What is your favorite season/time of year? Why? What is there about it? I am a summer girl all the way. I can’t stand cold weather.  So late summer/early fall before the cold comes…is my favorite part of the year.
  5. If you had no responsibilities like family, work, church, etc., how would you spend these last few days of summer? Why? Alone or with someone else?  I would go to disneyland! Because they have changed the Haunted Mansion and that is my favorite ride!  Disneyland is not fun without a friend!

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