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Always Trust Your Gut Instinct

Posted by Amy in General

You know that feeling you get when you KNOW something isn’t right.  You see someone or something that just looks wrong or out of place.  You pass it off.  Ah it is nothing you say.  Maybe you should listen to that voice a little louder.

Three separate people saw a person on our block today.  He was riding a bike (and he was on foot- one person saw him in both modes).  All three people paused to ponder the person because they all three got that feeling…that feeling that something was not right.  All three people saw him at different times…in a time range of several hours.  He was up to no good. He broke into our neighbors house and stole $3000 worth of small items.  Very carriable items.  My dad saw him first on his bike rounding the corner.  He felt something was off with the character because he seemed to be staring at the house.  My dad thought fleetingly that perhaps it was because the window was open…but then he seemed to carry on and my dad really thought nothing of it except that something was NOT right.

A little while later our neighbor across the street and over one saw the fellow and thought that he was out of place and looked like he was casing houses. He dismissed his thought with “what am I gonna think everyone is a bad guy just cuz he is riding a bike down the street?” and went on about his day.

Over an hour later my mother was coming home for lunch from work and noticed  the very same fellow…on foot walking towards our area from the other end of the street.  She pulled into the garage and walked down the end of the drive way because she had an incredible sense that she should follow him.  She saw the fellow again…but he was on a bike riding away down the street rather quickly in the direction he came.  She noted it as odd and had a feeling she should follow him but she didn’t.

All three describe the man in the exact same way. All three took note of him but dismissed him. The police are pretty sure that he is the burglar.  No one compared notes on the fellow until after we found out that our neighbors were burglarized. They think that their daughter might have left the door unlocked this morning by mistake (not that that is an excuse to ruffle through someone’s belongings).  Next time you feel that creepy feeling…maybe you should take heed!

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