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Bite these bullets- The Aunt Edition (updated)

Posted by Amy in General
  • It dawned on me- after returning from my vacation last week that the reason I was suffering from a massive headache every single day? Was not allergies….but the fact that I hadn’t consumed a single ounce of caffeine since returning. I rectified that situation right away.
  • That probably explains why I was so darn sleepy all week too. To go from loads of caffeine to no caffeine was a shock to my system.
  • Roxy has suddenly decided that not only does she want to sleep in during the mornings but that when I want to go for our morning walk at 7:00 she would rather pull me along than behave appropriately.
  • Between my father’s shoulder surgery and my mother’s injured leg (on a hike) between the two of them they have3 good arms and 3 good legs. Which means Amy gets to do a lot of grocery shopping…since one can’t drive and the other can’t walk.
  • Yes I do know I still owe you a vacation recap…and I totally plan on doing it…however today it ain’t going to happen. Why? Because I decided to make my Monday extra specially good by scheduling a teeth cleaning for today. What was I thinking?
  • I think I have waited long enough…I am very much extremely happy to announce that I will be an Aunt at the end of March 2008. Yep my bro is pregnant…well actually his wife my lovely snl…but you all could figure that out. Yipee! I can’t tell you how excited I am for that!
  • My newest bestest entry is up at agirlmustshop.com: called Discover Your Inner Artist

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