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We’re Not The Jet Set, We’re The Old Chevrolet Set

Posted by Amy in General

While I am still working on my Vegas Vacation recap- I thought I would mention how I got to Vegas in the first place. As you may or may not know my dependable Toyota Rav4 (Doris) hasn’t been so dependable lately. So I rented a compact (i.e. the cheapest car available). When I got to the rental place they were out of compacts so I got a free upgrade to mid-sized and I had my choice between a brand spanking new Chevy HHR (in white) or a brown sedan of some sort (I think it was a Nissan). I picked the HHR….and over the course of a week I drove the HHR just under 1300 miles (yes the rental car people knew I was going to Vegas and back again- which is 1000 miles right there). And let me tell you, I fell in love with the Chevy HHR.

Yes you read that right…I fell in love with the HHR…as in I would seriously consider the HHR for my next vehicle (which hopefully will be sooner rather than later). Yes, the Chevy HHR. It was so comfortable…(which meant that I didn’t feel like I was in danger of losing some skin off my rump to asphalt because it rode too low) and smooth riding. Oh and it was quiet in the cabin (something my Rav is definitely NOT). It is cool-looking and turns heads. It gets reasonable gas mileage. The only downfall to it (and it is a small downfall) is that it only comes in a 4-cylinder model and I was thinking about getting a 6 for my next car…because when I do go to Vegas- I would like some power for the two full blown mountain passes I must travel over (although the HHR didn’t seem to have any issues over either of it).

Now if you had told me a week before I left for vacation that I would be seriously considering a Chevy HHR I would have laughed in your face (complete with spittle no doubt). I would have told you that I had a Chevy (Lumina Euro Sedan) before my Toyota and I wouldn’t go back to Chevy ownership because my Toyota was far more dependable. Then, I would have really laughed and then said something like “That? That is such an old man car!” Well trust me…I am NOT an old man…and I loved that car! So the Rav4 that I was nearly positive I was going to buy next time…suddenly has some possible competition.

Not to mention that it has an Aux jack standard. Oh aux jack…how I miss thee.

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