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Yet Another Vegas Vacation (the long awaited vacation recap).

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Ahhh Las Vegas. Yes I go there a lot. For my newish readers- that is because about three years ago (maybe four?) my best friend since junior high moved there. I visit her as often as I can- and she visits me when she can too…sometimes it isn’t always easy because we both have full time jobs (hers much more demanding than mine).

Anyway…we found out that one of our favorite bands (a little more my favorite than her favorite) was playing near her home- a road trip was definitely in the works. They were playing on Saturday and since it takes me nearly 8 hours to get to Vegas- I decided to leave on Thursday. Even the BFM would work on Friday- she has an early day that day. My drive was fairly uneventful except I could go on and on about the benefits of having an aux jack over an fm tuner (The hhr has an aux jack standard). I seriously miss the aux jack. Seriously.


On Friday I had several hours to entertain myself whilst BFM toiled at her salt mine. So I drove around until I found the Ethel M Chocolate Factory because I knew that they had free tours (with free sample of chocolate- yey free samples!!). Of course I should have walked through the Cactus garden first (even though it was morning it was already starting to creep up temperature wise) and then eaten my chocolate…but NO. They make the best freakin’ pecan brittle you will ever lay your lips on. I had lunch with BFM and then perused the mall a bit and by the time I was done playing mallrat she was off work. We then had dinner together at the Cheesecake Factory…Yum!


Mostly Saturday was us not doing much. As a matter of fact…the only think I remember doing on Saturday was getting ready to go to the concert. We were taking BFMs little brother (13- a fresh high school freshman) to the show since he always begged us to take him when we go to concerts so this time we relented since it was an all-ages show. We started out eating a pre-concert pizza. Then it was off to the concert. It was HOT as HADES people. Even though doors didn’t open until 6:30 it was still in the triple digits…HADES!!! Not only did BFM’s brother consume his water and his diet coke at the concert…he also consumed most of MY diet coke as well!! And he is use to this kinda of weather. The opening act was Antonio Pontarelli- the “rock n roll violinst” and let me tell you he was AMAZING!! I was very very impressed. Not only is he very musical- but his stage presence was awesome! In between him and Slaughter the song HIGHWAY TO HELL came on in the bumper music…and at this point BFM’s brother was sitting in between the two of us. And BFM and I started leaning in on him and screaming “I’m on a HIGHWAY TO HELL” along with the music at him during the song. I am pretty sure he wanted to DIE (of embarassment). He finally put his arms up and said GIVE ME SOME SPACE WOMEN! Slaughter was awesome and Mark seemed to pick BFM’s Bro out because he was wearing a Slaughter shirt…and he enjoyed that! Quiet Riot came on after that…(oh as an aside BFM’s brother said I DIDN’T KNOW QUIET RIOT was playing too…and then broke into song “Come on feel the noise…girls rock your boys” I nearly spit my water out.). By the time Vince Neil came on I was fading fast because of the heat…as was BFM’s brother so we skipped out a tad early and went for some dessert in an air conditioned restaurant!


The day started off in church with BFM (and family). Then we split ways. We went to the movies and saw THE NANNY DIARIES (which I thought was good…not as good as the book but they never are). We did some shopping. We ended up going to the NASCAR CAFE for dinner…and got to watch some of the race over quesadillas and hamburgers. I forget what else we did but the race was still on by the time we got back to her house so I flipped it on and we watched the race.  I think I might have created a fellow race fan…we will see.


Ahh Monday was my last full day in Vegas and we decided to have some fun with it.  We started out our day at The Omelet House having…yep an omelet.   Then we went to The Springs Preserve. It was hot as hades again…and walking around outside wasn’t too fun…but the inside exhibits were pretty fun.  Then we decided it would be great fun to go to the Clark County Coroner’s office.  Yes you read that correctly.  The Coroner’s Office.  Not because we wanted to do anything with dead bodies…but because they have a gift shop and we are weird like that.  But…no worries…they were closed because of Labor Day.  By this time we were ready for some lunch.  BFM and I argued over who’s turn it was to decide on lunch and since I was driving I decided I would take matters into my own hands and decided we would have lunch at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill (if you are ever in Harrah’s in LV and want some good homestyle cooking – visit! I recommend)…after which I dragged her around the Bellagio so I could take pictures because I love the Bellagio.  By the end of that we were pretty much out of steam as far as the heat and being around all the people at the strip- so we went back to her place and hung out and goofed around…because that is the best part about being friends…the hanging and goofing…am I right???


I drove home…after our traditional day Amy goes back to California breakfast of Coco’s.

(Pictures from left to right: top row: Chevy HHR-beloved Rental car at rest stop in Boron, CA, Slaughter- because seeing a concert in 112 degree heat is oh so fun, Proof it is 112 on the dash of the hhr. Middle row: I had some time to kill friday morning so I took myself to the Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory tour (it’s free) and Cactus Garden (also free but you may melt). Chocolate Factory Tour Sign, Cactus Flower, Cactus. Bottom Row: (all from the Bellagio): Vegetable Stand in the Conservatory, Little White Rose in the Conservatory, Glass Flower Ceiling in the lobby.)

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