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Love/Hate: NASCAR HotPass with DirecTV.

Posted by Amy in General

For the Chase races (the last races of the season) I decided to pay the $20.00 to get the HotPass with DirecTV to see if it is something I might want to consider next season (A full season is $80.00 I believe).

Anyway…this is a LOVE/HATE list of things to do with HotPass:

LOVE: Hearing the radio communications between driver and crew.  It totally enhances the experience for me.

HATE: When the announcers try talking over the radio communications.

LOVE: The focus on a specific driver with information on where others are at etc.

HATE: That you are limited to picking from only the five HOTPASS drivers of the week. For instance…this week I got to ride with Tony. Next week? Tony isn’t a HotPass driver.

LOVE: That most of the time one of the things on the screen is the race as it is being broadcast on whatever channel it is being broadcast on (ABC right now).

HATE: That they still play commercials (however you do see the race going on in the corner but the audio is the commercials).

HATE: I find the bumper music distracting when they come back from a commercial break.

LOVE: The fact that they try to at least make corny puns with the musical choices for dreaded bumper music. For instance: Smokin’ in the Boys Room, Smoke on the Water…(for those not in the know…Tony Stewart’s nickname is Smoke).

LOVE: The fact that you get to hear from your driver and crew chief post race no matter where they place.

HATE: That my tv is small and seeing the screen split into three sucks sometimes (not DirecTV’s fault!).

Overall…while I really enjoy Hotpass I don’t know that I would pay $80.00 to watch it all season.

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  • Elyse says:

    I’m having Directv installed today with NASCAR hotpass ironically enough for the rest of the season. I will have to keep these things in mind to make the same decision!

    SO proud of Clint…what a race. :-) Saw an after-interview with Tony and Jeff G (who were giggling together like school girls which I found slightly disturbing) who both basically gave great props to Bower. It was touching.

  • Elyse says:

    I noticed who the Hotpass drivers were for this week…kinda disappointed! Guess I’ll follow Hamlin or Burton around a bit? :-)

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