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Avaste Ye Scallywags…the announcement we been waitin’ for

Posted by Amy in General

Ok..you try to combine a NASCAR post with Talk Like A Pirate Day and then we’ll talk.


Arrrg, tis no surprise that the number of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s ship car is to be number 88. Thar had been lots of speculation that this be the case.  Avaste, it surprised this captain a might bit that the new sponsors be who they be.  For Sony be not in the picture (ok that is a total pun…get it in the picture as in like a tv?).  Nay instead we have ye Amp Energy Drinks/Mountain Dew (which should not surprise up since PEPSI is a major sponsor of Hendrick Motorsports) and Ye Ol National Guard.  Thar be two different color schemes for the number 88…aye- a blue white and red theme for Ye Ol’ National Guard car and a green white and red theme for ye Amp/Mountain Dew car.  In Ye Ol’ press conference it was mentioned that the rear deck on each scheme would be flat black and it be my understandin’ that the rear deck those scallywags be speakin’ of is what we common folk call a “trunk”.  Ye cars in ye picture in ye linked article have white “trunks.”

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